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A PCBoard design for replacing Tomy Tutor Computer keyboard.


This is tested. Works great.


Schematic is here based on KiCAD.

  • gerbers - folder with the rendered gerbers
  • tomy_tutor_keyboard.scad - OpenSCAD model design file for framing
  • tomy_tutor_keyboard.stl - STL file output ready for your favority slicer


1. Printed Circuit Board

You'll need the bare pcb, see the design files here in this repo.

2. 57 MX1A-11NW key switches or equivalent:

The pcboard footprint is specific to these switches. But there are some variety that have the same footprint.

mouser switches

3. set of key stabalizers for the wide keys:

ebay stabalizers

4. Cable

16 female to female dupont style jumper wires

5. 16 pin single inline 2.54mm right angle header

The header on the keyboard pcb is mounted on the underside of the board with the right angle pins facing forward.

6. 16 pin single inline 2.54mm straight header

I desoldered and removed the existing film cable connector from the Tomy Tutor motherboard, and replaced it with a row of 16 2.54mm spaced headers.

7. Key caps

I used a set of PC keyboard keycaps with a diminutive print. If you can find some with no print, that would be closer to ideal. You'll never find ones that match the Tomy keyboard map. I found mine on ebay.

8. Transparent adhesive printer sheet.

I printed my key labels on a sheet of adhesive transparency with a laser printer. Then cut out each label and applied it to the keycaps after they were in place. Not the most ideal.

amazon - Avery self adhesive laminating sheets

NOTE: with regret, I cannot find the document I created with the custom keycap labels...


A PCBoard design for replacing Tomy Tutor Computer keyboard.




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