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Auto mapping

Matthew Splett edited this page Dec 27, 2019 · 2 revisions

Automatic Mapping of Drives

Most TI software expects support files to be on DSK1.

TIPI can map directories on the TIPI. device to drives such as DSK1. DSK2. DSK3. and DSK4.

Auto mode

However, mapping DSK1. is so commonly necessary, that there is now an 'auto' mode in TIPICFG ( run CALL TIPI from TI BASIC ).

When in auto mode, TIPI will temporily map DSK1. to the directory that you loaded a PROGRAM image file from. This can be a basic program, or EA5, or even a data file such as Tunnels of Doom save games.

The mapping is temporary... it will change if another PROGRAM image is loaded, or reset back to what is declared in PI.CONFIG when you revisit the TI title screen.

'TIPI' files

If you want more than just DSK1 mapping, or you don't want auto mode, but for some PROGRAM you just always want it to map, then you can place a 'TIPI' D/V80 file in the directory next to that PROGRAM file with a set of key=value pairs as documented for PI.CONFIG such as:


Again, this configuration will be temporily applied when a PROGRAM image file is loaded from the directory. It will last typically until you revisit the TI title screen.