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jedimt Updated access mode for graphite datasource
Modified the access type from "proxy" to "direct" to accommodate changes to Grafana datasource provisioning.  See the following page for more information:
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The HCI Ccollector is a container based metrics collection and graphing solution for NetApp HCI and SolidFire systems running Element OS 9+

Current Release

v .6 (beta)

Updates in .6

  • Changed name of repository to hcicollector from sfcollector to more accurately reflect new functionality
  • Changed file layout to be more consistent with container names and roles
  • Retooled for Grafana 5.0.0
  • Dashboards and datasources are now automatically added through the new provisioning functionality in Grafana 5
  • Removed the external volume for the Grafana container, only Graphite uses an (optional) external iSCSI volume for persistent data
  • Added the ability to poll for active alerts in the "SolidFire Cluster" dashboard.
  • Added support for email alerting based on SolidFire events. Note: alerting queries do not support templating variables so if you have multiple clusters you will need to use "*" for the cluster instance instead of the "$Cluster" variable. The net effect of this is that the alert pane will show alerts from ALL clusters instead of an individually selected cluster.
  • New detailed install document
  • Added a very basic installation script

See the changelog for updates in previous versions


The SFCollector is a fully packaged metrics collection and graphing solution for Element OS 9+ based on these containers:

  • sfcollector -> runs a python script to scrape results from SolidFire clusters
  • vmwcollector -> vSphere stats collector, written in Go
  • graphite -> keeps all time series data from the HCICollector
  • grafana -> Graphing engine

The collector stores metrics in graphite and presents those metrics through a set of pre-configured Grafana dashboards. Optionally, the Netapp Trident project can be used for persistent storage of metrics on a NetApp system.

HCICollector architecture overview


  • Docker host running 17.03+
  • Account information for vCenter (optional) and SolidFire components to collect against

Quick and Dirty Installation and Configuration

*Clone the Github repo 
*Execute the script and provide the requested input
*Start up the containers (`docker-compose up`)
**Or in detached mode (`docker-compose up -d`)

For more information please consult the following material included in this repository:

  • Installation and configuration guide "TR-4694-0618-Visualizing-NetApp-HCI-Performance.pdf"
  • Overview PowerPoint deck "HCICollector Overview.pptx"
  • Installation demo and dashboard walkthrough "hcicollector-v.6-Install_and_Overview.mp4"


Aaron Patten

GitHub - Jedimt

Blog -

Twitter - @jedimt


This would not have been possible if not for the prior work of cblomart, cbiebers and jmreicha