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A hapi plugin for mongo-models.

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$ npm install hapi-mongo-models

Server plugin

During plugin registration we connect to MongoDB using the supplied options.

During Hapi's onPreStart server extension point and based on your autoIndex option, we create any indexes defined in the models supplied.


const HapiMongoModels = require('hapi-mongo-models');

const plugin = {
    plugin: HapiMongoModels,
    options: {
        mongodb: {
            connection: {
                uri: 'mongodb://localhost:27017/',
                db: 'hapi-mongo-models-test'
            options: {}
        models: [
        autoIndex: false

await server.register(plugin);

Plugin options

The options passed to the plugin is an object where:

  • mongodb - is an object where:
    • connection - is an object where:
      • uri - a string representing the connection uri for MongoDB.
      • db - the name of the database.
    • options - an optional object passed to MongoDB's native connect function.
  • autoIndex - a boolean specifying if the plugin should call createIndexes for each model that has a static indexes property. Defaults to true. Typically set to false in production environments.
  • models - an array strings representing the paths to the models (relative to the current working directory or absolute) of where to find the model on disk.

Have a question?

Any issues or questions (no matter how basic), open an issue. Please take the initiative to read relevant documentation and be pro-active with debugging.

Want to contribute?

Contributions are welcome. If you're changing something non-trivial, you may want to submit an issue before creating a large pull request.

Note: This plugin is designed for basic use-cases. If you find yourself needing more, consider using the source as inspiration and create a custom plugin for your app.



Don't forget

What you create with hapi-mongo-models is more important than hapi-mongo-models.