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- Rewrite URI handling code.
- Authentication.
- Tuneable HTTP cache control.
- Handle clusterized geographic results for point+radius search.
- Ajust the coordinates of cluster results according to the number of
children of the quad node.
- Write tests.
- Replace pointers + size and stringz with binvals.
- Drop the global rwlock for layer-specific rwlocks.
- Drop pthread rwlocks for fcfs rwlocks.
- Add configuration to the journal at startup time.
- Multiget.
- Get rid of the remaining fixed-size malloc() calls and use slab allocation.
- Replication.
- Scripting through TinyScheme, LUA or Spidermonkey.
- Decent documentation.
- Long-polling HTTP notification service for tracking changes in registered
layers and rectangles.
- Proxy for easy sharding and caching.
- rewriteaof should compress the journal. New operations would happen
on a second, uncompressed journal.
- Support for reverse geocoding (find what convex polygon a point is in).
- Use zero-copy when serving public documents.
- Eradicate app_context. db_log should especially join httpcontext.