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DNSCrypt client proxy for iOS

This currently requires a jailbroken device.

Pre-compiled binaries for iOS 5.1.1 and later are available at

1) Add the content of the bin directory of the archive into the bin directory of the device. Ditto for the sbin and share directories.

2) Edit the dnscrypt-proxy.conf file as well as the org.dnscrypt.osx.DNSCryptProxy.plist service file. You might have to change LocalCache to no.

3) Copy the org.dnscrypt.osx.DNSCryptProxy.plist file into /Libary/LaunchDaemons on the device.

4) Reboot or type:

launchctl load org.dnscrypt.osx.DNSCryptProxy.plist

5) Edit your Wifi settings to use as a DNS resolver.