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@jedisct1 jedisct1 released this Jul 1, 2014 · 2969 commits to master since this release

  • The ChaCha20 stream cipher has been added, as crypto_stream_chacha20_*
  • The ChaCha20Poly1305 AEAD construction has been implemented, as
  • The _easy API does not require any heap allocations any more and
    does not have any overhead over the NaCl API. With the password
    hashing function being an obvious exception, the library doesn't
    allocate and will not allocate heap memory ever.
  • crypto_box and crypto_secretbox have a new _detached API to store
    the authentication tag and the encrypted message separately.
  • crypto_pwhash_scryptxsalsa208sha256_() functions have been renamed
  • The low-level crypto_pwhash_scryptsalsa208sha256_ll() function
    allows setting individual parameters of the scrypt function.
  • New macros and functions for recommended crypto_pwhash_* parameters
    have been added.
  • Similarly to crypto_sign_seed_keypair(), crypto_box_seed_keypair()
    has been introduced to deterministically generate a key pair from a seed.
  • crypto_onetimeauth() now provides a streaming interface.
  • crypto_stream_chacha20_xor_ic() and crypto_stream_salsa20_xor_ic()
    have been added to use a non-zero initial block counter.
  • On Windows, CryptGenRandom() was replaced by RtlGenRandom(), which
    doesn't require the Crypt API.
  • The high bit in curve25519 is masked instead of processing the key as
    a 256-bit value.
  • The curve25519 ref implementation was replaced by the latest ref10
    implementation from Supercop.
  • sodium_mlock() now prevents memory from being included in coredumps
    on Linux 3.4+
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