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These files are contributed to unbound, and are not part of the official
distribution but may be helpful.

* rc_d_unbound: FreeBSD compatible /etc/rc.d script.
* perl script to run from cron that parses statistics from
	the log file and stores them.
* unbound.spec and unbound.init: RPM specfile and Linux rc.d initfile.
* shell script that uses unbound-host to update a set
	of trust anchor files. Run from cron twice a month.
* unbound_munin_ : plugin for munin statistics report
* unbound_cacti.tar.gz : setup files for cacti statistics report
* selinux: the .fc and .te files for SElinux protection of the unbound daemon
* unbound.plist: launchd configuration file for MacOSX.
* perl script to turn /etc/hosts into
	a local-zone and local-data include file for unbound.conf.
* unbound-host.nagios.patch: makes unbound-host return status that fits right
	in with the nagios monitoring framework.  Contributed by Migiel de Vos.
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