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Brackets extension adding HTML Format commands to menu bar and common keyboard shortcuts.

The main purpose behind this extension was to add common hotkeys to insert Bold and Italic tags around highlighted copy in HTML documents. My coworkers started talking about Brackets and that I should use it. I gave it a shot, but the lack of common HTML hotkeys caused me to look into making an extension for adding in something that I use everyday.

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Known Issues

Using the Shift+Enter to insert a break tag can still function inside the <head> and inside HTML tags.

Numbers cannot be entered when using the Insert empty tag feature.

The command "Insert empty tag" does not work correctly when multiple lines of text (made from line breaks, line wrapping ok) are selected.

Update History

Update - November 20, 2017

Updating the code that checks to see if the tag attempted to be added is going to be inserted in the middle of the same tag. This code was bugged and as been replaced with a new checking mechanism.

Update - August 3, 2017

Just changing my GitHub name/URL back to jediwade because the Brackets Extension Registry keeps track of who created what extension by their GitHub username and not their email address. I had changed my username to match my email and website, deciding to be a bit more professional, but I was then unable to update this Brackets extension. I emailed the Registry people but they still have not replied. Because this makes me fear that someone could just change their name to by mine and then delete the extension, I am reverting my GitHub username back and needing to change the URL in the package.json file.

Update - July 23, 2017

Lots of changes in this release. Added the ability for the user to set which file extensions this Brackets extension will work in. Added Shift + Enter keyboard shortcut to insert a break tag, plus options related to that feature. The detection of same tags being inserted is improved. Code cleaned up a bit in some areas. Changed the file/folder structure to allow for different translations. Fix bugs with the HTML Format menu being removed when it shouldn't have been if the split editor view was being used. Added a Welcome screen. Added a What's New screen. Started adding Table tags but it just makes the HTML Format menu too tall for a 1080p screen (and probably already too tall for laptop screens). Changed the file/folder structure to allow for different locale translations (would need help/volunteers to make new locales happen).

Update - January 16, 2017

Fixed issue with the menu bar items not being in the correct order on Windows 10 after ~17 items were added. After ~17 items, the order would be in reverse from order added and all dividers would be at the bottom.

Update - January 11, 2017

Adding in HTML5 tag "main", per user request. Requiring latest version of Brackets by having proper implementation of "Mustache". Removing HTML Format menu from the Menu bar when there are no files open.

Update - September 13, 2016

Bug fixes

Update - September 12, 2016

Added a quick fix for older versions of Brackets after I made changes to get rid of a deprecation warning. This will probably be the last version update for older versions of Brackets.

Update - September 11, 2016

Trying to fix bugs with the shortcut/hotkey assignment with numbers.

Update - September 8, 2016

Requested feature to have H1–H6 and paragraph tags added to the drop-down menu has been granted and added. Removing $.on() events with $.off() to be proper. When adding a tag around highlighted copy that already features that same tag on the outsides of the text selection, remove that outer tag if it is a tag that should not surround itself, i.e. two anchor tags.

Update - April 17, 2016

More bug fixes related to preferences and going against my disdain for anonymous functions, I have changed the CommandManager.register() method to take an anonymous function calling _addTag() and _addSpanStyle(), passing the appropriate argument to make it function the same as before, but without dozens of functions doing the same thing.

Update - April 15, 2016

Add anchor tag to list of elements. Fix bug that only older HTML tag/style items from drop down menu could have keyboard shortcuts saved.

Update - March 26, 2016

Preferences will trigger a Brackets reload with extensions when saving changes.

Update - November 22, 2015

Bug fixes and more tags added to the format menu.

Update - July 26, 2015

Bug fixes and added bold, italic, and underline tags to the right-click menu. This feature must be enabled in the preferences and deselects the Brackets default selection of 1 to 2 characters at the cursor location when the right-click action occured.

Update - July 9, 2015

All issues that I have seen in the dev tools window of Brackets should be fixed. Because of this, the latest version of Brackets is required to ensure that it will work. Added a feature that if the cursor is within an inline style and a tag or style is inserted, it will be automatically converted/added into the inline style attribute. If it was a tag that doesn't have a style equivalent, it is ignored and nothing will be added.

Update - June 18, 2015

Currently working on fixes for the preference menu when displayed using different themes other than the default light theme. Fixed the Control key being listed twice for Mac OS in preferences. Fixed checking either Bold/Strong or Italic/Emphasis checkboxes triggering the duplicate keyboard shorcut warning.

Update - June 12, 2015

Added preference menu option to be able to set keyboard shortcuts for any of the HTML tags/styles or change the default keyboard shortcuts.

The issues with the add blank tag feature should be fixed. It is still, for me, a bit of a complicated thing to have figured out how to do so there may be issues present still or it may not be the best possible implementation of such a feature.


Brackets extension adding HTML Format commands to menu bar and common keyboard shortcuts.







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