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What is BleTrainerControl

This repo is a complete demo project to interact with Tacx trainers over Bluetooth Smart (Neo, Vortex Smart,...). The idea is to send and receive ANT payloads (FE-C profile) over a BLE tunnel.


Discovery screen

This screen allows you to search for Bluetooth Smart devices around that corresponds to the 2 services: 6E40FEC1-B5A3-F393-E0A9-E50E24DCCA9E 669AA305-0C08-969E-E211-86AD5062675F You can also search all Bluetooth smart devices around by checking the lower right option "Search all devices"

Main screen

FE-C pages displayed:

  • Page 16: FE capabilities
  • Page 17: General settings
  • Page 25: Specific trainer
  • Page 54: FE capabilities (you need to request this page with the button on top)
  • Page 55: User configuration (you need to request this page with the button on top)
  • Page 71: Command status
  • Page 80: Manufacturer's identification
  • Page 81: Product information

4 buttons to set one of the mode with its options:

  • Basic resistance, opening a slider from 0 to 100%
  • Target power, opening a slider from 0 Watts to 1000 Watts
  • Wind resistance, opening 3 sliders to set the coefficient of wind resistance, the wind speed and the drafting factor
  • Track resistance, or simulation mode, to set the grade and coefficient of rolling resistance

1 button to open calibration

Calibration screen

After initiating the process with the "SPIN-DOWN" button, pedal up to the Trainer expected speed (32km/h on a Vortex as of Oct 2015). The Page 2 (Calibration in progress) will show you what is going on. Then stop pedalling until the wheel comes to a halt and expect the Page 1 Calibration Success information


Written by Kinomap for Tacx under GNU GPL 2.0 licence. To learn more about the FE-C ANT+ profile:


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