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semantic-release shareable configuration for npm + GitHub
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semantic-release shareable config to publish npm packages with GitHub.

Travis npm version


This shareable configuration uses the following plugins:


  • Provides an informative git commit message for the release commit that does not trigger continuous integration and conforms to the conventional commits specification (e.g., "chore(release): 1.2.3 [skip ci]\n\nnotes").
  • Creates a tarball that gets uploaded with each GitHub release.
  • Publishes the same tarball to npm.
  • Commits the version change in package.json.
  • Creates or updates a changelog file.


$ npm install --save-dev semantic-release @jedmao/semantic-release-npm-github-config


The shareable config can be configured in the semantic-release configuration file:

  "extends": "@jedmao/semantic-release-npm-github-config",
  "branch": "master"


Ensure that your CI configuration has the following secret environment variables set:

See each plugin documentation for required installation and configuration steps.

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