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Navigate through tabs-as-spaces as if they were actually tabs.
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TabSanity Visual Studio Extension

This project is no longer actively maintained.

This package causes the Visual Studio text editor to treat tabs-as-spaces as if they were actually tabs. That is, the backspace and delete keys, arrow key navigation will not allow the caret to land within the spaces that form a tab.


This package works with Visual Studio 2015 and 2017. The easiest way to install the package is with Visual Studio's built-in extension manager. Go to Tools | Extensions and Updates... | Online | Visual Studio Gallery and search for TabSanity. You can also find it on the Visual Studio Marketplace website.

For Visual Studio 2013, please download and install TabSanity.vsix. Thanks @FlipB!


  1. Install the Visual Studio SDK.
  2. Open the solution file TabSanity.sln in Visual Studio 2017.
  3. Look in TabSanity/Bin/(Debug|Release)/TabSanity.vsix and double-click to install.


Though not "technically" required, EditorConfig has been added as a required dependency to this extension. This is to ensure any .editorconfig files are picked up and applied before assuming the document's tab settings. TabSanity, though completely decoupled from EditorConfig, is designed to listen for changes in the text editor options and adjust accordingly, just as EditorConfig does.

Reporting problems

At this time, feel free to contact Jed Mao directly. See humans.txt file for contact information.

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