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Flash - Simple Vocabulary Flash Cards

A flash card program, hastily written in Mexico because I forgot to bring a deck of blank flash cards, and my Spanish is horrible.

It simulates the way you would normally use flash cards. If you don't know a word, you replace its card in the deck not far from the front. If you do know a word, you replace the card farther and farther from the deck each time you guess it correctly.

There are multiple decks you can switch among. To add more decks, create either a .txt or .json file on the model of the files in the data/ dir, and then update the decks.json manifest in there.

When you quit, the state of each deck is preserved.

Command-Line Interface

Start redis:

redis-server redis.conf

And then run the CLI:

node cli.js

Tests and Coverage

Tests are run with vows.js like so:

vows test/*.js --spec

For code coverage, run jscoverage on the lib dir like so:

jscoverage lib lib-instrumented

If lib-instrumented exists, the tests will import the flash module from it. So you can calculate code coverage like so:

vows test/*.js --spec --cover-html

This will generate coverage.html.

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