My personal portfolio.
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My personal portfolio site.



Interact with this project via npm run. The following npm scripts comprise the main API (check package.json for more):

Name Description
start Starts the server in production mode. Dokku runs this script automatically after deployment to start the app.
start:dev Starts the server in development mode, restarting the server and rebuilding when local files change.


This app conforms to the Heroku Node.js buildpack format, and is therefore deployable on Dokku.

Successfull builds on the master branch will trigger Codeship to deploy to a Dokku host and make the changes live.

App components

Entry point

The server entry point is index.js, which is where Hapi is configured.


The views are Handlebars templates contained in views/.


Server route configuration is in routes/.


CSS is currently not pre or post compiled and served directly from public/css/styles.css.

Client JS

Client JS source code is in client-js/ and is bundled into public/js/index.js using Browserify during a build.


App data and content is contained in hardcoded JSON in data/, no database is currently used. Project descriptions are contained in markdown files in data/md/ and converted into HTML on demand.