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Polish language translations for Beans ( Wordpress theme.
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Polish language translations for Beans 1.4.0 ( Wordpress theme.

It isn't completed yet, just one text translated to see if it works 😜.
I will continue work, but any contribution or comments are welcome.

Installation example :

  1. Download file pl_PL.po
  2. Compile it to .mo file. I.e.: msgfmt -o pl_PL.po
    or use GUI tools like PoEdit :
  3. Be sure to have this line in functions.php on your Beans child-theme :
    load_child_theme_textdomain( 'tm-beans', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/languages/' );
  4. Copy and pl_PL.po files into your Beans child-theme languages directory
    ( if directory dosen't exists - create it). I.e. wp-content/themes/tm-beans-child/languages
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