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Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps
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Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps

For more info, please visit the docs site at

I also maintain messageformat.js. If you don't specifically need a gettext implementation, I might suggest using MessageFormat instead, as it has better support for plurals/gender and has built-in locale data.

Current Version



  • Build time generation of plural form functions
  • Web interface for building translation sets
  • Code introspection for default values


You may use this software under the WTFPL.

You may contribute to this software under the Dojo CLA -



A good chunk of sanity checking was done against the gettext.js tests. That was written by:

  • Joshua I. Miller

The sprintf implementation is from:

  • Alexandru Marasteanu

The name

The name jed.js is an homage to Jed Schmidt ( the JavaScript community member who is a japanese translator by day, and a "hobbyist" JavaScript programmer by night. Give your kids three character names and they'll probably get software named after them too.

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