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A simple file watcher that clears the console and runs flow on each change. Currently tested on OS X -- I don't know if it works on Linux or Windows. Works with flow on your path or flow-bin installed as a peer dependency.


npm install --save-dev flow-watch

Then run the flow-watch command.

flow-watch passes known nodemon options to nodemon, and all other options to flow.

You may not need this?

nodemon has a documented way to clear the console on restart, so you may want to use nodemon/flow directly in a package script instead of using flow-watch.


flow-watch uses nodemon and accepts any command-line options that nodemon does. If you provide no arguments, it uses the following defaults:

--ignore node_modules/ --watch *.js --watch *.jsx --watch *.js.flow --watch .flowconfig

By default, the watcher will clear the console between each change. If you wish to override this behavior, use the FLOW_WATCH_NO_CLEAR_CONSOLE env variable. If you choose that approach, you may also want to silent the [nodemon] messages in the console, which you can do with the --quiet flag (or -q). Putting it all together:

  "scripts": {
    "flow:watch": "FLOW_WATCH_NO_CLEAR_CONSOLE=1 flow-watch -q"
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