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Jed Wing <>
includes modified LZX code from cabextract-0.5 by Stuart Caie.
Thanks to:
iDEFENSE for reporting the stack overflow vulnerability.
Palasik Sandor for reporting and fixing the LZX buffer overrun vulnerability.
David Huseby for enhancements to the chm_enumerate functionality.
Vitaly Bursov for compilation fixes for x86-64.
Vadim Zeitlin for a patch to clean up and fix some deficiencies in the
configure script.
Stan Tobias for bugfixes and index-page improvement to chm_http.
Andrew Hodgetts for major portability improvement.
Rich Erwin for his work towards Windows CE support.
Pabs for bug fixes and suggestions.
Antony Dovgal for setting up autoconf/automake based build process.
Ragnar Hojland Espinosa for patches to make chm_http more useful.
Razvan Cojocaru for forwarding along information regarding building on OS X.
Anyone else I've forgotten.
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