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Changes from 0.39 to 0.40
- chm_http bug fixed (chm_http begins to refuse connections)
- bashism in contrib/
- patch to use stdint.h (from Goswin von Brederlow)
- patch to fix soname (from Julien Lemoine, via Kartik Mistry)
- fix for extract_chmLib with empty files (from Paul Wise)
Changes from 0.38 to 0.39
- Security fix: eliminated all uses of alloca and similar, in favor of
malloc/free. This was in response to an iDefense security advisory.
- Added autoconf/automake support (patch from Antony Dovgal)
- Added contrib/ from Kyle Davenport
Changes from 0.37 to 0.38
- Fix for reading some chm files. Running over a large directory of chm
files, about 1% of them turned out to be unreadable. This resulted from
an incomplete understanding of one of the header fields (index_root).
Apparently, this can take negative values other than -1.
- Security fix for extract_chmLib. Pathnames containing a ".." element
will not be extracted. There doesn't seem to be a legitimate reason to
use ".." as a path element in a chm file.
Changes from 0.36 to 0.37
- Major security fix for stack overflow vulnerability:
- Corrected the broken
Changes from 0.35 to 0.36
- Major security fix (iDEFENSE Security Advisory IDEF1099 - Stack Overflow
- Major security fix from Palasik Sandor (LZX decompression buffer overrun)
- Bugfix/enhancement from David Huseby to make the "what" flags to
chm_enumerate work correctly, and to pass the flags along to the callback
function (via the chmUnitInfo structure) so that the callback doesn't
need to re-parse the filename.
- Compilation fixes for x86-64 from Vitaly V. Bursov.
- Miscellaneous fixes to the configure script, including some significant
cleanup by Vadim Zeitlin. The changes from Vadim should also allow the
configure script to correctly configure the build on OS X, where it was
previously failing to note that pread64 doesn't work.
- Minor update to the to do a mkdir before the install, in case
the specified INSTALLPREFIX directory is non-existent
Changes from 0.32 to 0.35
- UTF-8 filenames, while still not handled correctly, are handled a little
more gracefully. That is to say, the library doesn't fail to open files
with filenames using characters outside the ASCII subset. I'm very
interested in any information as to the "right" way to handle filenames
of this sort.
- Files not containing a compressed section are handled properly, such as
.chw files. These files seem to contain information about compression,
but the information is invalid or empty. The library deals gracefully
with this now.
- Files compressed with different options were not being decompressed
properly. In particular, if the "reset interval" for the compressed
section was other than 2 block sizes, it could fail to read some of the
- The caching system was improved slightly, in conjunction with this
previous bugfix.
Changes from 0.3 to 0.32:
- [Rich Erwin] Minor portability fixes for Windows CE.
- [Pabs] Minor bugfix regarding detecting directory entries versus empty files.
- [Antony Dovgal] autoconf-based build process
- [Ragnar Hojland Espinosa] Feature additions for chm_http:
* Allow --bind= and --port= command line arguments
- Simple makefile has been fixed (finally) to use gcc instead of gcc-3.2. (Sorry, everybody!)
Changes from 0.2 to 0.3:
- initial attempt at portability to Win32.
- bugfixes from Stan Tobias:
* memory corruption error with caching system
* case insensitivity, to match with the Windows semantics
- modification to chm_http by Stan Tobias:
* when the user requests the page '/', they get a page with links to
all of the files in the archive
- Andrew Hodgetts has ported the library to Solaris and Irix. See README for details.
- Stuart Caie has granted permission to relicense under the LGPL.