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Jeeeyul's Eclipse Themes

(former Eclipse Chrome Theme)

Jeeeyul's Eclipse Themes allows you to customize every single details of Eclipse's appearance. It also contains beautiful and elegant built-in presets.

How to install

You need Eclipse 4.2 or above version to install this theme.

  1. Drag on to Toolbar of your Eclipse 4 to install Jeeeyul's Eclipse Themes.
  2. After installation, Choose Jeeeyul's themes - Custom Theme from Preferences > General > Appearance.

What if you don't have Market Place Client on your Eclipse, please refer to the Alternative Installation Guide.

Choose Theme

screenshot: right


Press Theme Icon Button on main toolbar to open customize preference dialog. Or open preference dialog and select General > Appearance > Jeeeyul's Themes.


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Jeeeyul's Eclipse Themes is distributed under the EPL.

This license basically provide unlimited freedom except very specific case.

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As far as I experienced, donation is most easy way to contribute.

Click here to lend your support to: Eclipse 4 Chrome Theme and make a donation at ! Flattr this

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