Alternative Install

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If you could not install through Install Button, you can try other methods. But I want you let me know, so I can fix the problems.


  • Eclipse 4.4 or above for latest version.
  • Eclipse 4.2 to 4.3, for ~2.2.x.
  • xtend
  • It is tested on MAC OSX, Win 7, Debian(Linux GTK)

Alternative Install 1

  1. Select Help > Eclipse Market Place... in main menu.
  2. Search with keyword as Jeeeyul or Chrome.
  3. Press Install button next to Chrome Theme

Alternative Install 2

  1. Copy update site URL
  1. Select [Help] / [Install New Software...] from system menu.
  2. Paste URL into "Work with" Text Field, and Press Enter.
  3. Fill check "Jeeeyul's Themes" under the category "Jeeeyul's Themes", then click [Finish] Button.
  4. After installation, Open Preference Dialog Page, Choose "Appearance" node, then select "Jeeeyul's Theme - Chrome" as Theme.

When you install the old version(for old eclipses), Don't forget uncheck ‘Show only the latest version of available software’.

Offline Installation

  1. You can download entire update site from
  2. Download update site from link above and unzip it.
  3. Choose Help > Install New Software... from menu.
  4. Press Add... button.
  5. Press Local... and choose uncompressed folder/update.
  6. If you want, give a name for it.
  7. Press OK button.
  8. Now you can install.