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Meteor 1.3 bundler for OpenShift
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How to use

At first, create a openshift app with nodejs-0.10 and MongoDB 3.x custom cartridge.

rhc app create openshift-appname \
  nodejs-0.10 \

rhc will automatically clones your new app. At this point, You don't need anything of default content that is shipped by nodejs cartridge. Remove them all.

cd openshift-appname
git rm -rf * .openshift

Now, We have to fetch meteor bundler from this git.

git remote add meteor-openshift -m master
git pull -s recursive -X theirs meteor-openshift master

Now, time to build your meteor app.

cd path/to/your/meteorapp
meteor build path/to/your/openshift-appname --directory --server-only

It will generates a bundle directory into your openshift app repo.

Then, push your repo and see what happens.

cd path/to/your/openshift-appname
git add --all && git commit -m "First Launch" && git push

That's all.

How to update meteor app

Just replace bundle directory with new build, then push it.

Enable hot deploy

If you successfully deploy your app first time, Enabling hot deploy is recommanded.

cd path/to/your/openshift-appname
touch .openshift/markers/hot_deploy
git add --all && git commit -m "First Launch" && git push
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