Nuxt.js Serverless SSR Starter on AWS (Lambda + API Gateway + S3) with Serverless Framework
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🚀 Nuxt.js SSR on AWS Serverless Stack (Lambda + API Gateway + S3)

Nuxt.js Serverless Server-side Rendering Starter on AWS Serverless Stack (Lambda + API Gateway + S3) with Serverless Framework


  • Nuxt.js 2.0
  • Serverless Framework
  • TypeScript
  • Sass (SCSS)
  • TSLint

If you have a feature request, please create a new issue. And also, pull requests are always welcome🙏


  • Libraries that are used in the client should be included in the dependencies for SSR.
  • If you install a module for nuxt.js, it must be in a the dependencies not dev-dependencies
  • Auto generated URL https://** will result in a JavaScript error. (routing problem) Please use the Custom Domain
  • If you encounter Cannot GET / error message, the error log can be founded in the AWS CloudWatch


  • 🔑 IAM Account for Serverless framework (Requires pre-configuration using aws configure)
$ aws configure


Edit serverless.yml

service: nuxt-serverless  # 1. Edit whole service name

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs8.10
  stage: ${opt:stage, 'dev'}
  region: ap-northeast-2 # 2. Edit AWS region name
    NODE_ENV: production
    BUCKET_NAMESPACE: mybucket  # 3. Specify a new AWS S3 bucket namespace for bundled assets and static assets (should be unique)
    ASSETS_BUCKET_NAME: ${self:provider.environment.BUCKET_NAMESPACE}-assets-${opt:stage, 'dev'}
    STATIC_BUCKET_NAME: ${self:provider.environment.BUCKET_NAMESPACE}-static-${opt:stage, 'dev'}
    ASSETS_BUCKET_URL: https://s3.${self:provider.region}${self:provider.environment.ASSETS_BUCKET_NAME}
    STATIC_BUCKET_URL: https://s3.${self:provider.region}${self:provider.environment.STATIC_BUCKET_NAME}

    domainName:  # 4. Specify a new domain name to be created
    stage: ${opt:stage, 'dev'}
    certificateName:  # 5. Enter the certificate name in AWS Certificate Manager (us-east-1) for https connection
    createRoute53Record: true
    port: 4000
    - bucketName: ${self:provider.environment.ASSETS_BUCKET_NAME}
      localDir: .nuxt/dist/client
    - bucketName: ${self:provider.environment.STATIC_BUCKET_NAME}
      localDir: static

Build Setup

# Install dependencies
$ npm install

# Serve develop server at localhost:3000 using Nuxt.js
$ npm run dev

# Build
$ npm run build

# Prod server start with built assets
$ npm run start

# You must run `yarn sls:create` before `yarn sls:deploy`
# Build assets, Create Domain and S3 Bucket, Deploy the function and bundled assets
$ npm run sls:create

# launch local server with bundled assets and 'serverless-offline' plugin
$ npm run sls:local

# Re-build and deploy the function and bundled assets
$ npm run sls:deploy

# Remove all stacks
# Please do not delete it separately and use this script
$ npm run sls:remove


  • static file serve
  • gzip Compression
  • optimize the lambda capacity (create SSR bundle with no dependencies)

The current externals setting can be found on line 3542 of /node_modules/nuxt/dist/nuxt.js. There is currently an issue in which this setting can not be overridden in nuxt.config.js.