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Make basic git commits even easier and quicker
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This script is super simple, it is intended to make basic git usage even easier and quicker then it already is by launching the script following a couple prompts, done.


How to use

  • Lets get the source
git clone && cd lazyGit
  • This will make the script readable, writable, and executable to root and your user.
sudo chmod 770
  • Then launch the script by doing the following:

Additionally here is how you can add the script to be globally callable from anywhere. This is super convenient since you can merely type something such as the following and have the script run:


Here's how we can do this:

# Syntax of doing so:

sudo ln <script location/script name> /usr/local/bin/<name you want to type to launch the script>

# Realistic example:

sudo ln /home/<user>/ /usr/local/bin/lazyGit
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