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A collection of files for use with Mecrisp Stellaris Forth on STM32 boards. See this article for the structure of these directories, and how source files should be loaded:

  • bct - Blue Pill Component Tester, explores the ADC & GPIO pins
  • bme - BME280 sensor exploration using the Olimexino-STM32
  • bp8 - Blue Pill running FOCAL on a PDP-8 emulator
  • bpx - Blue Pill for use on in experiments on a breadboard
  • cag - Console Access Gateway w/ STM32F103, acting as central RF console
  • eee - Experimental Engine Explorations on a HyTiny
  • g6s - Generic 64-pin F103 chips for use with the serial port (USART1)
  • g6u - Generic 64-pin F103 chips for use with USB console driver
  • i2c - I2C test setup with lots of breakout boards and JeeLabs plugs
  • lnr - Led Node Revisited - using a JeeNode Zero to drive LEDs via PWM
  • lrw - LoRaWAN Nucleo Pack with STM32L073RZ board and SX1272 radio
  • prc - Pico Reflow Controller w/ HyTiny, OLED, MOSFET, RFM69, 12-24V Vin
  • peb - Chinese PZ6806L board with STM32F103ZE and lots of peripherals
  • qld - Quick Loader - using a Blue Pill to re-flash a JNZ via SPI
  • rfc - Remote Console driver, routes console I/O over RF
  • rvm - Remote voltmeter w/ STM32L052 and a 4-chan Analog Plug
  • sic - Soldering Iron Controller
  • suf - Serial USB driver for Forth, routes console I/O over USB
  • ten - Test Echo Node, used for testing JeeNode Zero boards
  • tex - Tiny Extender, a HyTiny w/ extender board for RFM69 + SPI flash
  • trf - Tiny RF node, a bridge from RFM69 to USB serial
  • zeb - STM32F103ZE "Basic" board w/ µSD and two 2x32-pin headers

These files implement a range of hardware drivers and other generic functions:

  • flib - Forth library, various modules used by the above boards
  • flib/mecrisp - Mecrisp library, copied / modified from Mecrisp code

Most of the above projects use Mecrisp Forth "core" builds from this area:

  • cores - Matthias Koch's Mecrisp Stellaris Forth with minor extensions

The following older projects use files called h (hardware), l (library), and d (development), which should be loaded in that order. However, due to changes elsewhere, it is very likely that they won't work as is anymore, as of 2017.

  • aia - ARMinARM, Raspberry add-on w/ STM32F103RE
  • cbf - Haoyu Core Board Four board w/ STM32F407ZG and lots of RAM+flash
  • cbo - Haoyu Core Board One board w/ STM32F103ZE and lots of RAM+flash
  • dad - Dime-A-Dozen, for all those cheap eBay STM32F103C8 boards
  • gd4 - GoldDragon 407 w/ STM32F407ZG and 3.2" LCD
  • hmv - Haoyu Hy-STM32MiniV board w/ STM32F103VC and 3.2" LCD
  • kb7 - Ken Boak's STM32F746VG Break-Out-Board
  • lsd - Little Shark Display board w/ STM32F107RC and 1.44" LCD
  • mrn - Multi Receiver Node w/ STM32F103C8 and some wireless modules
  • oxs - Olimexino-STM32 board w/ STM32F103RB, CAN, µSD, and LiPo charger
  • rnw - RF Node Watcher w/ HyTiny STM32F103TB, RFM69, and 128x64 OLED
  • wpz - WaveShare Port103Z w/ STM32F103ZE
  • ybc - Yellow Blue STM32F103VC board
  • ztw - Zero To Wireless demo w/ STM32F103C8 "Blue Pill" and RFM69CW

For more details, see the JeeLabs weblog posts and articles: