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\ Read out the BME280 sensor, see
\ include ../flib/i2c/bme280.fs
\ use PA13 and PA14 to supply power to the BME280 sensor
: bme-power
OMODE-PP PA14 io-mode! PA14 ioc! \ set PA14 to "0", acting as ground
OMODE-PP PA13 io-mode! PA13 ios! \ set PA13 to "1", acting as +3.3V
\ configure I2C and the BME280 sensor attached to it
: setup bme-power bme-init . bme-calib ;
\ print BME readings every 500 ms, until new input is received from Folie
: go
bme-data bme-calc
cr . . .
500 ms
key? until ;
\ the delay is a hack to force a timeout in Folie before the loop starts
1234 ms setup go