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This is a documentation expander for Embello. It parses a Markdown file for directives and inserts word definitions copied from source files referenced in those directives.

Usage: docex [-d <dir>] docfile...

  • dir is the root directory where source files are read from (default ".")
  • expand from stdin to stdout if no docfiles are passed in)

The directives are in a format which will be ignored by Markdown:

  • "[code]:" <source-file> "(" <dependency-list> ")"

    This needs to be the first directive in the documentation file, it loads the specified source-file, and generates a few documentation lines. Example:

      [code]: spi/rf69.fs (spi)
  • "[defs]:" <source-file> "(" <word-list> ")"

    Insert word definitions found in the source code, in the order specified in the word-list. The source-file can be <> if it's the same as in the previous directive. Example:

      [defs]: <> (rf-init rf-recv rf-send)

WARNING #1: be sure to always add an empty line after each directive, because the expander will replace everything up to that next empty line with updated information.

WARNING #2: all files passed as argument will be overwritten by their expanded versions.

To update the documentation at a later date, run the expander again on the same files. Due to the way it is set up, all existing expansions will be replaced by updated ones.