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Folie v1

The Forth Live Explorer is a serial terminal interface for Mecrisp Forth:

  • connects as terminal console to an attached microcontroller board over serial
  • can also connect to a telnet socket or to ssh, launched as a subprocess
  • line entry: each line is sent out after a return, and output displayed back
  • command history: uses readline to edit and re-send previous commands
  • include files: each line of the form "include <filename>" is processed
    as a request to send the contents of that file as if it had been typed in
  • nested includes: include lines found inside are processed recursively
  • throttling: each line waits for an "ok." prompt before sending the next one
  • firmware uploads: allows erasing an STM32F1 chip and uploading new firmware
  • the default baud rate is 115200, see folie -help for a list of options

Note: there's a new Folie v2 in development (work-in-progress for now).


The latest binaries can be found in the release area on GitHub.
Alternately, get the source code and run make app from tools/folie/.


Download, uncompress, and rename to "folie.exe".
Launch as "folie -p COM3", assuming the board is connected to COM3.

Warning: the Prolific PL2303 USB serial adapters may not work... (TODO)


Download, uncompress, rename to "folie", and do a "chmod +x folie".
Launch as "./folie -p /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART" or whatever the device name is.


Download, uncompress, rename to "folie", and do a "chmod +x folie".
Launch as "./folie -p /dev/ttyAMA0" or whatever the device name is.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • return - send command to remote µC
  • ctrl-a - go to start of line
  • ctrl-e - go to end of line
  • up-arrow, ctrl-p - previous command in history
  • down-arrow, ctrl-n - next command in history
  • ctrl-r / ctrl-s - backward / forward history search
  • ctrl-c, ctrl-d - exit Folie

See the readline page for a complete list of all the supported shortcuts.

Connecting to a telnet socket

This mode can be used in combination with an ESP-Link WiFi to serial
bridge, by replacing the serial device name with "<dns-or-ip>:23".

Connecting via SSH

To run Folie as front-end for a Linux-based version of Mecrisp, use the
following incantation: "folie -x ssh <hostname> <path/to/mecrisp>".

On Linux, this same -x option can also be used to launch Mecrisp locally,
using: "folie -x <path/to/mecrisp>".

Firmware uploads

When started with the -u option, Folie will try to upload a firmware image
into an STM32F103 chip, using its built-in boot ROM protocol. For example:

folie -p <port> -u mecrisp-stellaris-stm32f103.bin

To use this mode, the chip needs to be placed in "boot mode", i.e. reset with
the BOOT0 pin tied high (this differs for each board, it's often a jumper).
Note that the chip's flash contents will be completely erased and replaced!

When done: restore the jumper, press reset, and re-launch without -u flag.

Known problems

The last output line(s) can get overwritten when using history search.
Under Windows, Prolific PL2303 chips are causing deadlocks - no idea why.


MIT, see also chzyer/readline and tarm/serial included in this app.