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[OS X] Bungloo stops fetching new posts #235

mplorentz opened this Issue · 8 comments

3 participants


Periodically Bungloo stops fetching new posts and only restarting the app gets it working again. May be triggered by computer sleeping or losing internet connection.


What is your mac os version ? On my MBP, I don't have your symptoms.


do you have a lock session and lock keychain ?


Ok can you try this settings ?

  • open keychain access
  • right-clic on session
  • update keychain setting "session"
  • check these two checkboxes.
  • launch the sleep
  • awake the mac
  • your mac tell about your password for bungloo (and other apps)
  • check the behavior of bungloo update.

I don't see anything labeled "session" to right-click on. Is it on the main Keychain Access window?


It happens fo me on Linux too. I'm not sure yet how to fix it.


@mplorentz yes, it is on main keychain access window. On the top right (there is too a system session keychain)

@jeena Maybe, there is same symptom with different causes. For linux, Bungloo is in python+QT, on Mac is Objective-c+webview.

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