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A slim Twitter client for OS X. Doesn't implement much, only the things I care for.


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Twittia is a slim Twitter client for OS X written in mostly JavaScript. It doesn't implement much of Twitters functionality, only the things I care for. Therefore it is small and fast and looks good by doing so. "Keep it simple, stupid!" Is the mantra, therefore there will not by much more functionality as it is now. But you're welcome to fork and extend it.

Download Twittia 2

It works on Mac OS 10.5 and higher.

Twittia screenshot


  1. The global hotkey for a new Tweet is: Ctrl Alt Cmd t

  2. Yes there is a twittia: url scheme.

  3. Yes, there is a JavaScript-plugin-API. Create this file: ~/Library/Application Support/Twittia/Plugin.js

Nice to know

There was a original Twittia 1 which was written in Ruby-Cocoa, it was quite ok back then, but the code was a mess. And then along came Tweetie and I lost the desire to write my own Twitter client, because it was so much further then twittia and looked nicer and so on.

But now Tweetie wasn't update for a really long time, and I really wanted to see retweets in my stream so I decided to rip out the look from Twittia 1 and implement it in a new much slimmer version.

And because Twitter offers a JSON API and Twittias rendering Engine is just a simple WebKit WebView I implemented the core functionality in JavaScript and am very happy with it.


A slim Twitter client for OS X. Doesn't implement much, only the things I care for.







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