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If you would like to change the hot key from `Ctrl Cmd Alt T` to something else there is a possibility, but you have to do it via the terminal, there is (and will not be) a GUI for that. You have to change it in the defaults. To do so open the you can find in the Applications folder. Depending on which keys you want to change there is one or two steps to do.

Change the key

First take a look at this keyboard and find the number to the key you want to set:

Then write this line into the and change the default number “17” to your number, then press enter and it is done.

defaults write net.jeena.apps.twittia newTweetKey -int 17

If you for example would like to use the key “M” instead you would write:

defaults write net.jeena.apps.twittia newTweetKey -int 46

Change the modifier keys

To change the modifier keys is a little more work, you have to use you math skills here. Take a look at this numbers:

cmdKey: 256
shitfKey: 512
optionKey: 2048
controlKey: 4096

You have to add the numbers of the keys you want to use together and then write this line, replacing the default number “6400” with the sum and press enter:

defaults write net.jeena.apps.twittia newTweetModifierKey -int 6400

For example, if you want to use the key combination Ctrl Opt T you have to first set T (that means 17) as newTweetKey as seen above. Then add Ctrl 4096 + Opt 2048 which makes 6144, so you would write:

defaults write net.jeena.apps.twittia newTweetModifierKey -int 6144