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DendroPy is a Python library for phylogenetic computing. It provides classes and functions for the simulation, processing, and manipulation of phylogenetic trees and character matrices, and supports the reading and writing of phylogenetic data in a range of formats, such as NEXUS, NEWICK, NeXML, Phylip, FASTA, etc. Application scripts for performing some useful phylogenetic operations, such as data conversion and tree posterior distribution summarization, are also distributed and installed as part of the libary. DendroPy can thus function as a stand-alone library for phylogenetics, a component of more complex multi-library phyloinformatic pipelines, or as a scripting "glue" that assembles and drives such pipelines.

The primary home page for DendroPy, with detailed tutorials and documentation, is at:

DendroPy is also hosted in the official Python repository:

Requirements and Installation

DendroPy 4.x runs under Python 3 (all versions > 3.1) and Python 2 (Python 2.7 only).

You can install DendroPy by running:

$ sudo pip install dendropy

More information is available here:


Full documentation is available here:

This includes:

and more.

License and Warranty

Please see the file "LICENSE.rst" for details.


A Python library for phylogenetic scripting, simulation, data processing and manipulation.







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