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Markology provides for the visualization, navigation, and management of Vim's (marks). Visualization is through use of Vim's 'sign' feature, and so use of this plugin requires that Vim be compiled with the 'sign' option.

Markology displays marks associated with the current line in the sign column or gutter of the window displaying the buffer (with the entire line highlighted in a different color, if so desired). You can easily add ("m+"), delete ("m-"), or toggle ("m<SPACE>" or "m,") marks associated with the current line. You can easily jump through the sequence of all the local marks in the buffer, either spatially ("m]" and "m[") or lexicographically ("m}" and "m{"). You can also easily display all current marks in the location list window ("m?") or the quickfix window ("m~").

Detailed usage description given in the help file, which can be viewed on-line here:

Source code repository can be found here:

Markology is a Frankenstein-ian beast that seamlessly amalgamates and streamlines (the best) parts of:

1.  ShowMarks

        ShowMarks - Visually show the location of marks
        Version 2.2 (2004-08-06)
        By Anthony Kruize <>
        Michael Geddes <>

2.  The patch for the above, as given here:

    which fixes the issue of global marks showing up in files in which they
    were *not* declared.

3. Mark_Tools

        mark_tools : Toggle and navigate marks
        Sergey Khorev <>

Like "ShowMarks", Markology provides visual representation of |marks| local to a buffer by placing a |sign| in the leftmost column of the buffer indicating the label of the mark and its location.

Markology is activated by the |CursorHold| |autocommand| which is triggered every |updatetime| milliseconds. This is set to 4000(4 seconds) by default. If this is too slow, setting it to a lower value will make it more responsive.

Like "Mark_Tools", Markology provides commands and keymaps for navigating between |marks| and listing/viewing |marks| .

Note: This plugin requires Vim 6.x compiled with the |+signs| feature.