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JeeUtil JavaScript Library :: Developer's Choice...

ju library
ju js library is bundled from various ju plugin's together. In nature it gets updated while new/enhancement/bug fixed in ju plugin's.

Note: you will find YUI compressed minified files under Download Section
***** Moved from own SVN repository to GitHub Open source respository *****

v1.5 on 30th July, 2009
juDateTime v1.1 plugin
Description: Improved as per ISO 8601, the International Standard for the representation of dates and times.

juDoc v1.1 plugin
Description: Certain class & methods refactored and few api has been deprecated.

v1.4 on 28th April, 2009
Description: juShortcut v1.0 has released.

v1.3 on 14th Feb, 2009
juDragdrop v1.0 plugin has been released.
Description: Certain class has been deprecated, library stablity and OOP implementation refined.
Plugins undergone this phase: juCore v1.0, juBrowser v1.2, juDoc v1.0

v1.2 on 22nd Nov, 2008
juBrowser v1.2 plugin
Description: Google Chrome Browser detection implemented.

v1.1 on 9th June, 2008
juBrowser v1.1 plugin bug has fixed
Bug Description : browser activex detection given wrong result in IE 6.0

v1.0 on 18th April, 2008
Initial public version has released in the enchanting open source world.

Kindly make use of it! and let me know your suggestions and thoughts. 

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