Drive Insomnia is an App that makes the connected units never sleep.
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DriveInsomnia for Mac OS X


Some drives do not respect the power saving settings in Mac OS X. Drive Insomnia is an App that makes the connected units never sleep. ;)

What DriveInsomnia do?


  • Create a hidden file on the disk selected by the user;
  • Creates a Launch Agent that runs the command 'touch -c' to access the file created on disk, every minute, to modify the time information, maintaining the disk always awake.

(Insomnia can be reversed.)

Who build this?

DriveInsomnia was built by Jeferson Brito and is completely open source and available on DriveInsomnia is my first Cocoa application, probably with many flaws and oversights, but it was a great experience to solve a real problem.

You can also follow Jeferson Brito on Twitter ( or Facebook (, where he'll talk about Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Mac OS, JQuery, Wordpress and CSS/HTML5, plus some hidden treasures.

A short history

I have two external drives that do not obey the power saving settings in Mac OS X, so that even unchecking the option to make disks to sleep, they insist on sleeping. Several times a day, when I get enough time without access them or pause a movie or TV show that I'm watching for a few minutes, they sleep. Until they wake up again, Mac OS suffers some crashes or slowdowns. Was thinking of solving this problem that I made my first application in Objective-C, the DriveInsomnia.


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