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This project aim to create a header library that convert wiring/cpp reserved words to every language in the world.
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Translating Wiring and C++ reserved words language to something different than English

See this readme in your language


Want to contribute? Please send me a pull request or opening a issue, all directives and a guide to how to create a lang header is in Wiki, feel free to make any contribution or ask for help with this repo.


ArduinoLang is a library with headers which translate C++ and Wiring reserved words, to other languages different of english. To accomplish this, each header use macro in combination with some typedefs, those little tricks make the proccess of learn how to write code for Arduino easier.

The complete list for languages accepted to this momment is available bellow, please submit pull requests with more language and spread the world with the hashtag #codeglobalization to make people see that we need to start write code in different languages.

List of available languages

The languages available are:

  • Portugues (under construction)
  • Español (not available)


These are the references used to make this project use them if you want to port this project to another language:


Created By Jeferson Lima de Almeida (@jefersonla)

Support & Development

Feel free to send me e-mail's asking about this project or if you want buy me a coffee : oi_je at hotmal dot com

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