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// Copyright(C) 1993-1996 Id Software, Inc.
// Copyright(C) 2005-2014 Simon Howard
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
// as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
// of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// Refresh/rendering module, shared data struct definitions.
#ifndef __R_DEFS__
#define __R_DEFS__
// Screenwidth.
#include "doomdef.h"
// Some more or less basic data types
// we depend on.
#include "m_fixed.h"
// We rely on the thinker data struct
// to handle sound origins in sectors.
#include "d_think.h"
// SECTORS do store MObjs anyway.
#include "p_mobj.h"
#include "i_video.h"
#include "v_patch.h"
// Silhouette, needed for clipping Segs (mainly)
// and sprites representing things.
#define SIL_NONE 0
#define SIL_BOTTOM 1
#define SIL_TOP 2
#define SIL_BOTH 3
#define MAXDRAWSEGS 256
// used by play and refresh
// Your plain vanilla vertex.
// Note: transformed values not buffered locally,
// like some DOOM-alikes ("wt", "WebView") did.
typedef struct
fixed_t x;
fixed_t y;
} vertex_t;
// Forward of LineDefs, for Sectors.
struct line_s;
// Each sector has a degenmobj_t in its center
// for sound origin purposes.
// I suppose this does not handle sound from
// moving objects (doppler), because
// position is prolly just buffered, not
// updated.
typedef struct
thinker_t thinker; // not used for anything
fixed_t x;
fixed_t y;
fixed_t z;
} degenmobj_t;
// The SECTORS record, at runtime.
// Stores things/mobjs.
typedef struct
fixed_t floorheight;
fixed_t ceilingheight;
short floorpic;
short ceilingpic;
short lightlevel;
short special;
short tag;
// 0 = untraversed, 1,2 = sndlines -1
int soundtraversed;
// thing that made a sound (or null)
mobj_t* soundtarget;
// mapblock bounding box for height changes
int blockbox[4];
// origin for any sounds played by the sector
degenmobj_t soundorg;
// if == validcount, already checked
int validcount;
// list of mobjs in sector
mobj_t* thinglist;
// thinker_t for reversable actions
void* specialdata;
int linecount;
struct line_s** lines; // [linecount] size
int id;
} sector_t;
// The SideDef.
typedef struct
// add this to the calculated texture column
fixed_t textureoffset;
// add this to the calculated texture top
fixed_t rowoffset;
// Texture indices.
// We do not maintain names here.
short toptexture;
short bottomtexture;
short midtexture;
// Sector the SideDef is facing.
sector_t* sector;
} side_t;
// Move clipping aid for LineDefs.
typedef enum
} slopetype_t;
typedef struct line_s
// Vertices, from v1 to v2.
vertex_t* v1;
vertex_t* v2;
// Precalculated v2 - v1 for side checking.
fixed_t dx;
fixed_t dy;
// Animation related.
short flags;
short special;
short tag;
// Visual appearance: SideDefs.
// sidenum[1] will be -1 if one sided
short sidenum[2];
// Neat. Another bounding box, for the extent
// of the LineDef.
fixed_t bbox[4];
// To aid move clipping.
slopetype_t slopetype;
// Front and back sector.
// Note: redundant? Can be retrieved from SideDefs.
sector_t* frontsector;
sector_t* backsector;
// if == validcount, already checked
int validcount;
// thinker_t for reversable actions
void* specialdata;
} line_t;
// A SubSector.
// References a Sector.
// Basically, this is a list of LineSegs,
// indicating the visible walls that define
// (all or some) sides of a convex BSP leaf.
typedef struct subsector_s
sector_t* sector;
short numlines;
short firstline;
} subsector_t;
// The LineSeg.
typedef struct
vertex_t* v1;
vertex_t* v2;
fixed_t offset;
angle_t angle;
side_t* sidedef;
line_t* linedef;
// Sector references.
// Could be retrieved from linedef, too.
// backsector is NULL for one sided lines
sector_t* frontsector;
sector_t* backsector;
} seg_t;
// BSP node.
typedef struct
// Partition line.
fixed_t x;
fixed_t y;
fixed_t dx;
fixed_t dy;
// Bounding box for each child.
fixed_t bbox[2][4];
// If NF_SUBSECTOR its a subsector.
unsigned short children[2];
} node_t;
// PC direct to screen pointers
//B UNUSED - keep till detailshift in r_draw.c resolved
//extern byte* destview;
//extern byte* destscreen;
// This could be wider for >8 bit display.
// Indeed, true color support is posibble
// precalculating 24bpp lightmap/colormap LUT.
// from darkening PLAYPAL to all black.
// Could even us emore than 32 levels.
typedef byte lighttable_t;
// ?
typedef struct drawseg_s
seg_t* curline;
int x1;
int x2;
fixed_t scale1;
fixed_t scale2;
fixed_t scalestep;
// 0=none, 1=bottom, 2=top, 3=both
int silhouette;
// do not clip sprites above this
fixed_t bsilheight;
// do not clip sprites below this
fixed_t tsilheight;
// Pointers to lists for sprite clipping,
// all three adjusted so [x1] is first value.
short* sprtopclip;
short* sprbottomclip;
short* maskedtexturecol;
} drawseg_t;
// A vissprite_t is a thing
// that will be drawn during a refresh.
// I.e. a sprite object that is partly visible.
typedef struct vissprite_s
// Doubly linked list.
struct vissprite_s* prev;
struct vissprite_s* next;
int x1;
int x2;
// for line side calculation
fixed_t gx;
fixed_t gy;
// global bottom / top for silhouette clipping
fixed_t gz;
fixed_t gzt;
// horizontal position of x1
fixed_t startfrac;
fixed_t scale;
// negative if flipped
fixed_t xiscale;
fixed_t texturemid;
int patch;
// for color translation and shadow draw,
// maxbright frames as well
lighttable_t* colormap;
int mobjflags;
} vissprite_t;
// Sprites are patches with a special naming convention
// so they can be recognized by R_InitSprites.
// The base name is NNNNFx or NNNNFxFx, with
// x indicating the rotation, x = 0, 1-7.
// The sprite and frame specified by a thing_t
// is range checked at run time.
// A sprite is a patch_t that is assumed to represent
// a three dimensional object and may have multiple
// rotations pre drawn.
// Horizontal flipping is used to save space,
// thus NNNNF2F5 defines a mirrored patch.
// Some sprites will only have one picture used
// for all views: NNNNF0
typedef struct
// If false use 0 for any position.
// Note: as eight entries are available,
// we might as well insert the same name eight times.
boolean rotate;
// Lump to use for view angles 0-7.
short lump[8];
// Flip bit (1 = flip) to use for view angles 0-7.
byte flip[8];
} spriteframe_t;
// A sprite definition:
// a number of animation frames.
typedef struct
int numframes;
spriteframe_t* spriteframes;
} spritedef_t;
// Now what is a visplane, anyway?
typedef struct
fixed_t height;
int picnum;
int lightlevel;
int minx;
int maxx;
// leave pads for [minx-1]/[maxx+1]
byte pad1;
// Here lies the rub for all
// dynamic resize/change of resolution.
byte top[SCREENWIDTH];
byte pad2;
byte pad3;
// See above.
byte bottom[SCREENWIDTH];
byte pad4;
} visplane_t;