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Highlight does not work with divs #84

tarr11 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I'm using guiders with the highlight option. It appears to highlight input elements, but not divs. I've verified that it is applying the guiders_highlight class to the element. But it appears to not actually highlight anything.

Is there any way to get highlight to work with divs?


I agree that there is a bug. I don't know exactly how to solve it, though. I've replicated it: perhaps your div doesn't have a background color? I've found that added a bg color helped me, when I replicated it.


Thanks @pickhardt. I ran into a similar issue when the div did not have a background color. Adding a background color makes the div look much better.


Also stumbled across that issue, setting a white background works fine for my case.

For a cleaner solution, you could lay a white highlighting-backdrop under the element to highlight, so that z-order(backdrop) < z-order(white background) < z-order(highlighted element), Tricky thing is to put the white background into the same position and size as the element.

Bootstrap-tour does this, see for an example.


Sometimes it's just a z-index annoyance and changing the background color isn't enough. Make sure to set your highlighted element's position to "relative"

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