A load generator for Kafka
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A load generator for Kafka

This is a work in (non-)progress. It currently is capable of making short spikes of work, or generating a runaway torrent or work, but nothing in between.

I am not currently working on this, as the original goal I had (learn Kafka client programming) has been achieved. I've just checked in what I had in order to not lose it, in case I want to come back to this later.

To use, run one or more kboings, such that all the 10 topics are covered. For example:

./kboing -ncons 7
./kboing -ncons 7 -flood 1
# These two will by definition cover all 10 topics, because 7 > 5.

Then run kboing in one-shot mode, to fire in a stimulus to start messages boinging around.

./kboing -start

To trigger an exponential explosion of messages, use -flood with a percentage of 3 or so.