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#Spelling correction
#British Gazette
I want to pull some info from the British Gazette
Here is the API
I think I can use the API to search, pull in results, deal with those results and get some insight.
I'm looking at allotment gardens
One I pull this in I can use R for NLP to get name and location of allotments?
I think I want this data as json
According to
I should use rjson (although there are other libraries too.)
-- I got errors with the json
> json_file <- ""
> json_data <- fromJSON(file=json_file)
Error in fromJSON(file = json_file) : unexpected character: "
So I switched to xml
Helpful tutorial
## can read in only 10 pages at a time
Note the page.number page.size page.start page.stop
1 wart schedule&start-publish-date=1914-08-03&location-distance-1=1&service=all-notices&categorycode-all=all&numberOfLocationSearches=1&results-page=20
link link.1 link.2 link.3 link.4 link.5 title updated Query page.number page.size page.start page.stop total facets
1 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL Search Result 2017-10-22T15:17:45.608+01:00 NULL 20 10 191 194 194 NULL
Look under
Download the Xpdf tools:
I unzipped it here
exe <- "C:\\a_orgs\\carleton\\hist3814\\R\\graham_fellowship\\pdftools\\bin64\\pdftotext.exe"
#credit where credit is due, because I am sometimes forgetful