autflow-graphviz is a plugin for autflow, the flow control rules engine, which allows react to use graphviz to generate flow diagrams for the dependencies
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autoflow-graphviz is a plugin for autoflow, the flow control rules engine, which can use graphviz to generate flow diagrams for the dependencies

For more information on autoflow the lightweight flow control rules engine:

Note: This is NOT related to FaceBook's flow type system.

Project status - INACTIVE

I am not currently working on autoflow or autoflow family projects. I am happy to accept contributors if further development is needed.


Generate graphviz diagrams for flow definitions that:

  • show relationship between inputs, tasks, and outputs
  • show dependencies between inputs, outputs, and other preconditions
  • create PNG, PDF, GIF, or DOT files in a designated directory


// autoflow code
var loadRender = autoflow('loadRender', 'fooPath, barPath, barP2, cb -> err, renderedOut',
  loadFoo, 'fooPath, cb -> err, foo',    // async cb function
  loadBar, 'barPath, barP2, cb -> err, bar',  // async cb function
  render, 'foo, bar -> renderedOut'  // sync function using outputs from first two



  • Install graphviz on your system -
  • autoflow 0.5.2+ is needed because it exposes the events needed by autoflow-graphviz


First install the open source graphviz software if not already installed on your system. You can find all about it at It can be downloaded or installed via a package manager.

For example:

brew install graphviz  # mac OS X
apt-get install graphviz  # ubuntu and debian linux

This should put graphviz binaries on your path, autoflow-graphviz uses dot, so make sure that dot is on your path, then you can install autoflow-graphviz.

    npm install autoflow-graphviz   # install locally


    npm install -g autoflow-graphviz  # installs globally


Pull from github -


# if you installed locally
node_modules/bin/autoflow-graphviz JSFilePath
# OR if using globally
autoflow-graphviz JSFilePath


  Usage: autoflow-graphviz <JSPath ...> [options]


    -h, --help                               output this usage information
    -V, --version                            output the version number
    -t, --type <type>                        type of output (png, pdf, gif, dot), default: png
    -i, --include <flowName[,flowName,...]>  limit graphing to only these flowNames
    -o, --output <outDir>                    output directory (should exist), default to cwd (.)



  • Author: Jeff Barczewski (@jeffbski)