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" Vim syntax file
" Language: SCSS (Sassy CSS)
" Author: Daniel Hofstetter (
" Inspired by the syntax files for sass and css. Thanks to the authors of
" those files!
if exists("b:current_syntax")
runtime! syntax/css.vim
syn case ignore
syn region scssDefinition transparent matchgroup=cssBraces start='{' end='}' contains=css.*Attr,css.*Prop,cssComment,cssValue.*,cssColor,cssUrl,cssImportant,cssError,cssStringQ,cssStringQQ,cssFunction,cssUnicodeEscape,scssDefinition,scssComment,scssIdChar,scssClassChar,scssAmpersand,scssVariable,scssInclude,scssExtend,scssDebug,scssWarn,@scssControl,scssInterpolation,scssNestedSelector
syn region scssInterpolation start="#{" end="}" contains=scssVariable
syn match scssVariable "$[[:alnum:]_-]\+" nextgroup=scssVariableAssignment
syn match scssVariableAssignment ":" contained nextgroup=scssVariableValue
syn match scssVariableValue ".*;"me=e-1 contained contains=scssVariable,scssOperator,scssDefault "me=e-1 means that the last char of the pattern is not highlighted
syn match scssMixin "^@mixin" nextgroup=scssMixinName
syn match scssMixinName " [[:alnum:]_-]\+" contained nextgroup=scssDefinition
syn match scssInclude "@include" nextgroup=scssMixinName
syn match scssExtend "@extend .*[;}]"me=e-1 contains=cssTagName,scssIdChar,scssClassChar
syn match scssColor "#[0-9A-Fa-f]\{3\}\>" contained
syn match scssColor "#[0-9A-Fa-f]\{6\}\>" contained
syn match scssIdChar "#[[:alnum:]_-]\@=" nextgroup=scssId contains=scssColor
syn match scssId "[[:alnum:]_-]\+" contained
syn match scssClassChar "\.[[:alnum:]_-]\@=" nextgroup=scssClass
syn match scssClass "[[:alnum:]_-]\+" contained
syn match scssAmpersand "&" nextgroup=cssPseudoClass
syn match scssOperator "+" contained
syn match scssOperator "-" contained
syn match scssOperator "/" contained
syn match scssOperator "*" contained
syn match scssNestedSelector "[^/]* {"me=e-1 contained contains=cssTagName,cssAttributeSelector,scssIdChar,scssClassChar,scssAmpersand,scssVariable,scssMixin,@scssControl,scssInterpolation,scssNestedProperty
syn match scssNestedProperty "[[:alnum:]]\+:"me=e-1 contained
syn match scssDebug "@debug"
syn match scssWarn "@warn"
syn match scssDefault "!default" contained
syn match scssIf "@if"
syn match scssElse "@else"
syn match scssElseIf "@else if"
syn match scssWhile "@while"
syn match scssFor "@for" nextgroup=scssVariable
syn match scssFrom " from "
syn match scssTo " to "
syn match scssThrough " through "
syn cluster scssControl contains=scssIf,scssElse,scssElseIf,scssWhile,scssFor,scssFrom,scssTo,scssThrough
syn match scssComment "//.*$" contains=@Spell
hi def link scssVariable Identifier
hi def link scssVariableValue Constant
hi def link scssMixin PreProc
hi def link scssMixinName Function
hi def link scssInclude PreProc
hi def link scssExtend PreProc
hi def link scssComment Comment
hi def link scssColor Constant
hi def link scssIdChar Special
hi def link scssClassChar Special
hi def link scssId Identifier
hi def link scssClass Identifier
hi def link scssAmpersand Character
hi def link scssNestedProperty Type
hi def link scssDebug Debug
hi def link scssWarn Debug
hi def link scssDefault Special
hi def link scssIf Conditional
hi def link scssElse Conditional
hi def link scssElseIf Conditional
hi def link scssWhile Repeat
hi def link scssFor Repeat
hi def link scssFrom Repeat
hi def link scssTo Repeat
hi def link scssThrough Repeat
hi def link scssInterpolation Delimiter
let b:current_syntax = "scss"