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A job-based tween library for Unity
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JTween is a data-driven, job-based tweening library. It places a focus on performance by attempting to shift the processing of tween data and applying that data to tween targets on Job threads. This currently applies to Transforms only, but as the Entity-Component System of the Unity DOTS stack reaches maturity this approach can likely be applied to other components.

For further information including usage, documentation, examples, contribution and style guidelines, and license information please visit here.

You can read more about my experience porting my previous tween engine to leverage Unity's DOTS, now named JTween here


If this is useful to you and/or you’d like to see future development and more tools in the future, please consider supporting it either by contributing to the Github projects (submitting bug reports or features,pull requests) or by buying me coffee using any of the links below. Every little bit helps!


Visual Examples

Example 01

Example 02

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