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Uefi Rockchip Rk3399Pkg
C Objective-C Assembly
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Rk3399Pkg Rockchip: move codebase from OpenPlatformPkg to edk2-platforms Oct 22, 2017


Uefi Rockchip Rk3399Pkg

Download code

$ git clone  
$ git clone
$ git clone  
$ git clone this Repositories to edk2-platforms/Platform/  

Build firmware

build -a AARCH64 -t GCC48 -p OpenPlatformPkg/Platforms/Rockchip/Rk3399Pkg/Rk3399-SDK.dsc -b DEBUG

Pack firmware

Rockchip/Rk3399Pkg/Tools/loaderimage --pack --uboot file_in file_out
file_in: Build/Rk3399-SDK/DEBUG_GCC48/FV/RK3399_SDK_UEFI.fd
file_out: the name of generated firmware

Download firmware

After Pack firmware,use RK AndroidTool to download firmware,file_out instead of uboot.img.
Need pick Loader,Parameter,U-boot(uefi firmware),Trust in the RK AndroidTool.

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