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Presentation: Scheduling Services with ColdFusion 10


Slides and demo files from my presentation "Scheduling Services with ColdFusion 10".

How to

  • Must be running ColdFusion 10 Developer or Enterprise
  • Edit Application.cfc and modify the values for url.domain, url.subfolder, log.folder (CF logs folder), and eventListener.packagePath as needed for your setup.
    • The CF log folder I have in there by default is set to the default location for a Mac standard install (since that is what I was using when I wrote the demos). You may need to change it for your setup and/or OS.
    • If you've already run the application and modify these settings afterward, you will need to clear the cached application variables by adding ?reinit=1 to the url.
  • Run the pages in your browser and follow the instructions at the bottom of page for each demo.
  • You can reset the demo at any time by clicking Reset Demos at the top of the page which will delete all of the demo scheduled tasks and the demo log file as well as reinitialize the application (reinit=1).


Jeff Coughlin


ColdFusion 10 Scheduler Features Demo



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