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Week 5 Examples

Setting up

The Examples

  • ofxSPM_basic
    • Very basic quad-warping projection mapping
    • Deceptively simple: this is often all you need to do!
    • Example shows how to draw to an ofFbo and render it to an ofxSimpleProjectionMapper instance
  • ofxSPM_box
    • This example shows how to set up multiple ofxSPM instances (and multiple FBOs) to map onto a primitive ( a box in this case)
  • ofxMapamok_basic
    • This is almost exactly the same as the example that comes with ofxMapamok (just a few more comments + on-screen help).
    • Allows you to map a video camera feed onto a Sketchup-generated model
  • ofxMapamok_spacebrew
    • This is a more advanced example that connects a gradient and 3D light to Spacebrew
    • This example also includes ofxGui, which is included with the dev version of openFrameworks
      • ofxGui allows you to create simple user interfaces to control variables