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NewLeadsIntent for any new leads
NewLeadsIntent for my new leads
OpportunityStatusEvent for opportunity {Jones|OpportunityName}
OpportunityStatusEvent for opportunity {Edge S L A|OpportunityName}
OpportunityStatusEvent for opportunity {United Oil Standby Generators|OpportunityName}
LeadStartIntent to create a lead
LeadStartIntent to create a new lead
LeadNameIntent {Jeff Douglas|Name}
LeadNameIntent {Steve Jones|Name}
LeadNameIntent {Mike Smith|Name}
LeadNameIntent {Mary Stewart|Name}
LeadCompanyIntent {ACME Corp|Company}
LeadCompanyIntent {ABC Company|Company}
LeadCompanyIntent {Fresh Foods Packaging|Company}
MyCalendarIntent for my calendar for today
HelpIntent help
HelpIntent help me
HelpIntent what can I ask you
HelpIntent get help
HelpIntent what commands can I ask
HelpIntent what commands can I say
HelpIntent what can I do
HelpIntent what can I use this for
HelpIntent what questions can I ask
HelpIntent what can you do
HelpIntent what do you do
HelpIntent how do I use you
HelpIntent how can I use you
HelpIntent what can you tell me