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A CLI for that you can use for prototype/testing.
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package.json CLI in Node.js

A small little CLI you can use for prototype/testing. There are a couple of sample commands to get you started but feel free to make enhancements. It's also Promise-based which should make life easier when dealing with APIs.

To get started from terminal, clone this repo and run npm install to install the dependencies. You may also have to run chmod 777 ./bin/cli to make the file executable on OS X.

You'll then need to enter your connection parameters into config.js for To test you connection, simply run bin/cli login which should return a connection object.

To see the available commands run bin/cli --help.

Note: each command initially authenticates to before running. You may want to cache the connection in redis to speed things up. I did not want to add this dependency which would have made it harder to get started.

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