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Plugin version numbers are constructed as a combination of the core metrics version plus the release of the plugin. For example, 2.1.2-4 is the fourth release of the plugin based on version 2.1.2 of the metrics jars.

3.0.1-2: Jan 03 2014

  • Upgrade to metrics version 3.0.1
  • Removed unused logging code and got rid of the specialized Timer.groovy class
  • Add config option to turn off prepending class names to metric names
  • Use grails wrapper

2.2.0-1: Oct 29 2013

  • Fixed Issue #15 - Fixed config lookup, it returns a ConfigObject. Returning it as a String w/ no config resulted in "[:]", which fails to evaluate and set the default "/metrics/*" (Pull request from @rniedzial)
  • Fixed Issue #16 - Updated to Yammer Metrics 2.2.0 and Grails 2.2.2 (Pull request from @craigforster)

2.1.2-6: Jul 12 2013

  • Fixed [Issue #10] - malformed metric names when deployed as a WAR (pull request from @JoeDeVries)
  • AdminServlet url-pattern should be configurable (pull request from @pvblivs)

2.1.2-4: Jan 21 2013

  • Fixed Issue #5: Error in metrics servlet
  • Fixed Issue #6: Metrics servlet broken in Grails v2.2.0-RC2

Note: To solve Issue #5, some package names were changed.