catmaid 0.9.5

  • Stop catmaid_get_connector_table() returning duplicate rows when there are
    multiple connections between the same partner neurons at a given connector.
    Thanks to Shanice Bailey and Istvan Taisz for the bug report (#106).
  • Pass on pid in catmaid_skids(), thereby fixing an issue with
    read.neurons.catmaid() with annotation queries when project id is not 1.
    Thanks to Marta Costa for the bug report (#105)

catmaid 0.9.4

  • write_catmaid_selection() accepts annotations/name specs

catmaid 0.9.3

  • workaround for bug in catmaid_version() (#103). Still waiting on changes in CATMAID
    for more permanent fix.
  • fix import error with jsonlite version >=1.6

catmaid 0.9.2

  • Teach catmaid_get_volumelist() about new API return format (#102)
  • Sync catmaid_get_treenode_table() with API (#101)
  • make catmaid_query_by_name() treat query as regex (#100)
  • Fix bug in metadata for read_catmaid_selection (#99)
  • Sort tags for neurons so that they are always returned in the same order (#98)
  • Add catmaid_get_node_count() to get the number of nodes per skeleton
  • Teach catmaid_get_treenodes_detail() to search by labels - can use this e.g.
    to find all nodes (regardless of neuron) with a certain tag e.g. soma.
  • Fix bug in nsoma() for duplicate skids; also speed-up
  • Make catmaid_login() explain why passing server directly doesn't work
  • Add name|nodes to results of catmaid_get_connector_table()
  • Speed-up in catmaid_get_compact_skeleton()/read.neuron.catmaid()
  • Teach catmaid_get_node_count() to handle NAs/dupes
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